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The truth about the often financially devastating experience suffered by many Cold Stone Creamery franchisees!

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Potential franchise investors, the media and the general public should know the truth beyond the information published in the federal disclosure document (FDD) mandated by the Federal Trade Commission as well as the statements of Cold Stone Creamery and Kahala (Cold Stone Creamery’s parent company) of the potential catastrophic financial risk an investment in a Cold Stone Creamery franchise represents. There is no better understanding of that experience than hearing the stories of former or current Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners. Through this website, the public may learn how real hard-working Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners have fared financially. Much is also to be gained by studying data and analyzing reports compiled by independent sources that, again, warn the public of the potential severe financial consequences that may result from an investment in a Cold Stone Creamery franchise. A deeper understanding of the Cold Stone Creamery franchise owner experience may save a family member or friend from financial ruin.